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Gifted and Talented

District Gifted & Talented Department

Maureen Gordon , Forrestdale School JET Teacher
Keri Lecorchick , Deane Porter School JET Teacher
Vera Ridoux , District Supervisor of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment


The mission of the Rumson School District identified gifted program is to challenge students in the pursuit of appropriate learning opportunities that promote gifted behavior. Gifted behaviors are evident when a student demonstrates skills and abilities that significantly differ in degree and dimension from their chronological age peers by demonstrating task commitment and creativity which result in original materials, products, and performance reflective of the highest standards of a discipline.

The Rumson School District, through the study of the theories of intelligence and giftedness, understands the definition of giftedness through the lens of research from Dr. Carol Dweck, Dr. Bertie Kingore and Dr. Joseph Renzulli. Their respective research with Mindset Theory, giftedness inventories and the Schoolwide Enrichment Model serve as the foundation for identification and programming options available to Rumson School District students through the JET program (Journey into Expanded Thinking).

At the core of the JET program is the understanding of intelligence and giftedness as dynamic and malleable over time: evidence supports the expansion of student thinking through intentional teaching, as well as creating experiences which allow children to move from a fixed mindset, where they view their intelligence as set, toward a growth mindset where intelligence is fostered and developed. Studies of gifted children and adult achievers conclude schools should not assume that early promise or lack thereof is a clear sign of future success. Intelligence develops over time when children are provided with the right motivation, right opportunities to learn, and right environmental supports.

Nurturing talent and giftedness in children requires providing students with classroom tasks that promote challenge and rigorous thinking opportunities in order to help grow gifted behaviors.

JET Program Goals

  • Develop the academic potential of gifted students.

  • Encourage a growth mindset through risk taking, curiosity and independence.

  • Help students develop an understanding of their own talents, abilities, strengths and limitations.

  • Foster ongoing professional development to support classroom differentiation of content, process and products.